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Another honor for public relations of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences

Obtaining the top rank in the national youth festival of the population

Public relations of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences once again achieved the top rank in the national youth festival of Jamiat in three categories: short story, short film and poster.

According to the Webda news site in Hamedan, according to the announcement of the Jamiat Festival Secretariat at Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, in the short film section, Alireza Toqiri, Qasim Behdad and Abi Jan Rahimi, in the motion graphics section, Fatemeh Nazifi, Zohra Abbasi, Maryam Morada and in the suggestions section And the practical ideas of Tahereh Golshahi, Zahra Heydari and Pouran Khalafian, Majid Fayazi Borujeni and Banafshe Farohi won the top ranks. Also, in the short story section, Alireza Toghiri, in the poster section, Daoud Rasouli, Mohammad Ali Gol, and Zainab Bagheri and Sanobar Imanian won the top ranks. In the podcast section, Zahra Alibabaei, Anita Karimzadeh, Sepideh Ahankar, in the infographic section: Mohammad Ghorbani Aqbalaghi, application: Dariush Qolipour Dashtaki, in the animation section: Fateme Rafiei Taganki, and in the research article section, Zahra Faruzandeh, Leila Ali Mohammadi, Seyed Nasser Hijazi and Sepideh Tousizadeh. The best people. According to the opinion of the judging committee in Nasser Hosseinpour's blogging, poster: Helia Bagherzadeh, infographic: Sara Rasouli, calligraphy by Faezeh Karimi Moghadam, design and painting: Fatemeh Golzadeh, painting: Hadith Khaksar Haqqani, short story: Khatire Shivandi and Mojtaba Safdari and title And the short and effective sentences were also introduced as a worthy theory.

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