DR.Mohhamad Mahdi Majzobi

University chancellor

Iranian medical science study with thousands of years of experience, has been practiced by great world known scientists contributed to the medical sciences such as Avicenna, Razi, Jozjani and many more from a long time ago and has a great history in this country. The city of Hamadan is honored to have Avicenna’s mausoleum inside as a symbol of medical science in the world, which creates a great responsibility to push this university forward to become a pioneer and strong medical knowledge center in the west of Iran. Hamadan University of Medical Sciences has been honored to have the duty of providing health education and services for Hamadan Province with 1.8 million of population since 1988, following the merging of Ministry of Health with Medical Education. This university, implementing the Health Transformation Plan which is one of the major strategic intents of the country in the past 2 years, is mainly focused on access, quality and financial protection aspects of universal health coverage as a strong and grade one university in the west of Iran. Nowadays; following the strategy of internationalization of universities by the Ministry of Health, this university is trying to strengthen the international infrastructures by starting the international accreditation process and showing the potentials of admitting students, fellowships, researchers, scientists and professors from all around the world to have mutual collaboration and sharing the experience alongside with knowing the other people and cultures. We – the family of Hamadan Medical University – warmly welcome all interested people to this university.

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