Dr. Babak Yousefi

Vice chancellor for resources planning and management development | Specialist in General Surgery

Deputy of resource planning and management Development of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, is responsible for financial and operational support of university decisions and optimal human, financial, and physical resources management in order to maintain and provide health for the people of the province and promote the level of health, medical, and educational services conducted within the framework of the laws and regulations and enacted within the limits of the assigned duties and powers.

The duties of this deputy in line with quality management and belief in scientific management in order to achieve sustainable development includes:

1. The quantitative and qualitative enhancement of human resources as the most valuable assets of the organization, utilizing dynamic motivational and educational systems and rewarding their services.

2. Continuous improvement of processes and activities of the organization in order to increase satisfaction of customers (internal and external).

3. Promote and apply the results of research in the field of optimal organization management.

4. Full compliance of laws and regulations and the proper implementation of approved university policies.

5. Accelerating the processing of information by using updated technology in order to improve decision making processes of the organization and adopting evidence-based policies.

6. Attract the participation and cooperation of all the managers and staff of the university in pursuing the goals of the organization.

7. Increase the organization’s productivity through the optimal management of existing resources and the promotion of technology and human capital.

8. Promoting participatory management, decentralizing and empowering university subunits.


This deputy includes six directorate as:

Directorate of Finance

Directorate of ICT

Directorate of Logistic and welfare

Directorate of Physical Resources

Directorate of Human Resources

Directorate of Organization Development.

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