Dr.Mojtaba Tayebi

Vice chancellor for student affairs | Psychiatry specialist

The mission of this Vice Chancellor is to protect students’ rights, and to provide for nurturing their creativity and their social, and physical talents. This deputy is also responsible for providing welfare services, and facilitating extracurricular athletic and artistic student activities, scientific and sightseeing tours, and student celebrations aiming at preparing the students for their responsibilities in society, workplace, and undertaking a dynamic family life. Welfare and student-related affairs are run under the supervision of the Student Council, while cultural activities of the Office are performed under the supervision of the Cultural Council consisting of the managers of the Office and students representatives.

This deputy includes five directorates as follow:

• Directorate of Student affairs is responsible for dormitories, nutrition and in campus restaurants, welfare issues and students files archives.

• Directorate of Public affairs is responsible for personnel affairs, ICT division, logistics, services, transport and deputy secretariat.

• Directorate of cultural and extracurricular affairs is responsible for publication supervision, Holy Quran council, relations with students’ family and praying council.

• Directorate of physical education which is responsible for Development and generalization of various sports fields, especially public sports, and creating the necessary facilities in this field.

• Directorate of student counseling and guidance which assists students in solving various problems, making decisions and having a calm and constructive life, adapting to the changing conditions of life arising from the change of place, away from the family and providing the related teaching materials.

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