Dr.Hosein Emad Momtaz

Vice chancellor for education | Pediatric kidney specialist

The Vice Chancellor for Education is responsible for academic policy making, coordination of all educational activities, provision of support for academic activities, supervision over proper enforcement of the assigned responsibilities of the associated institutions, as well as planning to promote educational quality.

The commissioned duties are enforced through the following subordinate Directorates

• Directorate of Educational Affairs, which renders educational / administrative services to the students from the beginning of registration to end of graduating.

• Faculty members’ affairs, which carries out all affairs related to the members of the different faculties, including estimating the need, recruiting, employing, contracts, performing service obligations and other related matters, as well as promotion, leave, mission, retirement, and continuous quantitative and qualitative evaluation of their activities

• Directorate of International affairs, which is responsible for international accreditation, International educational events, exchange program for students and professors, Validation of issued certificates in the Hamadan Medical University for foreign universities, Publishing the brochures and annual fact book, academic relations with foreign universities.

• Educational Development Center (EDC), which masterminds planning the university’s educational programs and tries to promote the quality of education through critical developmental projects, faculty development initiatives, as well as evaluation of the faculty and the delivered courses;

• Continuous Medical Education Office (CME), which plans and coordinate CME activities and evaluates them.

• Informatic and statistics office, which performs filing of new students information, online registration of all students, semester registration for more than 6000 students, issuing the students ID cards, handling the softwares for academic members activities, control, manage and support different portals of the university.

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