Dr.Rasool Salimi

Vice chancellor for clinical administration | Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Deputy of Clinical Administrative attempts to provide all services related to treatment and rehabilitation in order to maintain and promote the level of health for the community by involving the specialist human resources and modern technology adapted to regional, national, and local economic, social and cultural characteristics. This deputy also considers the principles of sustainable, sociable and inclusive development in the provision of services, availability of services for all, efficiency and effectiveness of qualitative and quantitative improvement. The other major responsibilities of this deputy are providing and facilitating accessible, timely, high-quality, cost effective, innovative, respectful services of medical, nursing and health-care for clients by policy making, directing, supervising, accreditation, collecting, classifying and analyzing data needed for health programs and systematic evaluation of such programs, promoting hospital indicators, supplying the needs of all hospitals and health centers arranging Health tourism and international patients affairs, Family Health, Hospital Nutrition, midwifery affairs, service fees, health reference laboratory, Medical information, Health system revolution, Diabetes, Dialysis and special diseases, Medical offices registration, medical complaints, nursing human resources training, distribution and evaluation.

This deputy includes four directories which are active in mentioned duties

• Directorate of clinical administrative

• Directorate of supervision and accreditation.

• Directorate of Nursing affairs

• Directorate of Medical Equipment

This deputy supports the operations of 17 governmental and private hospitals and 39 clinics in Hamadan province by providing consultative assistance with policy formulation, strategic planning and implementation, business and capital initiatives undertaken by the University’s hospitals and academic medical centers.

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