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The expert of the middle-aged program of the health vice-chancellor of the university said:

A healthy lifestyle is effective in preventing premature death

The expert of the middle-aged program of the Health Vice-Chancellor of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences said: A healthy lifestyle prevents the occurrence of diseases, including cancers, delays the occurrence of certain diseases, and prevents premature death in general.

According to Web Da Hamedan, Narges Babakhani stated: The most important causes of premature death are the occurrence of diseases such as heart attacks, brain and cancers between the ages of 30 and 70, which can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle. He added: "Healthy lifestyle and nutrition means consuming protein, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, reducing salt consumption in the family and removing salt from the table, reducing oil consumption, not consuming solid oils, ready-made, restaurant and semi-finished foods. it is ready. The expert of the middle-aged program of the Health Vice-Chancellor of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences added: By adopting a healthy lifestyle in nutrition, abdominal obesity and overweight can be easily prevented. Babakhani continued: In addition to healthy eating, effective physical activities are also emphasized. Optimal physical activity does not include washing dishes, sweeping, and normal walking, but individual or group exercise for 30 to 45 minutes for three to five days. It includes moderate to severe intensity per week. He added: Avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol is also emphasized to prevent premature death, because these cases increase the incidence of heart attacks, brain and cancers, and have a negative effect on fertility. Babakhani stated that in Iranian medicine effective physical activity and consumption of proper food are also emphasized and added: Therefore, according to a healthy lifestyle, the age of diabetes and blood pressure can be delayed or those diseases can be prevented at all. It didn't happen.

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