History of Hamadan University Of Medical Sciences


Hamadan University of Medical Sciences was founded in March 1972 as a joint program between Iran and France under the name of the Bouali Sina University.  In 1986, the present university was established under the supervision of the ministry of Health. In 1993, Health and Treatment Organization joined to the Medical University and covered all Health, treatment, education, research, development and human resource affairs under a same authority and make this university the main provider of health services in the province. The main mission of this university is to train the healthcare specialists and human resources, and to establish and equip health provider services at various levels, including health houses, urban and rural health centers, hospitals, clinics and research centers.  Hamadan University of Medical Sciences currently has 6339 students in more than seventy undergraduate and graduate programs, including Associate degrees, Bachelor of Sciences, Masters, PhD and the Specialties programs.  There are 445 academic members. This university is established in an educational area of 44241 square meters with a  standard campus in the beautiful hillside of Alvand Mountain and the honored city of Avicenna

Mission: Hamadan University of Medical Sciences is established in the framework of the country health system main policies to maintain and promote the level of human health as the basis of sustainable development and tries to create an appropriate basis for health services delivery, diagnostic and rehabilitation in the province by training and educating the  professional and committed work forces, performing the fundamental and practical researches, and to produce the knowledge and technology in the field of health sciences. On this way, this university tries to correct the social determinants of health and create social equity by utilization of available abilities and potentials, attraction of active cooperation of the community, NGOs and other development sections and health related organizations to upgrade the qualitative and quantitative health, education and research indicators alongside with service receivers satisfaction.

Vision: We intend to become one of  the ten superior university of the country in the next five years and have a major share in producing of knowledge and technology by promoting the professional skills, flourishing talents, performing the fundamental and practical researches in 20 year vision of the country health system. We also intend to be the health focal point in the west of the country by upgrading the management, educational, research, health and treatment  process and utilization of human and technological resources.




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