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Director of the Environment and Work Health Center of the Ministry of Health:

Justice in health is achieved by occupational health inspection/pursuing the completion of special branches to deal with health violations

The head of the Environment and Labor Health Center of the Ministry of Health announced the follow-up to complete special health branches and resolve disputes to handle health violations.

The head of the Environment and Labor Health Center of the Ministry of Health announced the follow-up to complete special health branches and resolve disputes to handle health violations. According to the Webda news site in Hamedan, Dr. Jafar Jandaghi, the head of the Occupational and Environmental Health Center of the Ministry of Health, at the opening of the 12th national conference on occupational health and safety, considered this ceremony to be the largest scientific and executive event of occupational health in the country and said: In this conference Challenges, opportunities and threats and various issues in the country's professional health are discussed. He stated that from the country's executive point of view, occupational health should be seen in the context of primary health care, and stated: In occupational health, attention to justice, connection with industry, people's participation and empowerment of different classes and access to modern technology are important. The head of the occupational and environmental health center of the Ministry of Health pointed out that the mission of the health system is the governance of the occupational health system, providing accurate and free occupational health services and paying attention to the quality of services and following the policies of the Ministry of Health is essential. He enumerated the missions of the occupational health system and the most important governance duties of occupational health and stated: Occupational health creates wealth by playing a role in the production and creation of new technologies in the health system. Referring to the statistics of occupational health inspections in 1400 and the ratio of workshops with harmful factors in the work environment in 1400, Jandaghi clarified: 3,700 occupational health inspectors are active and 34,000 cases have been brought to court. Regarding the percentage of control measures carried out in workshops with harmful factors, he said: We are not very strong in control, and according to reports, the best controls have been done on lighting and the worst control on sound. Professional health inspection to achieve justice in health The head of the Environmental and Labor Health Center of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education said: The majority of workers in small workshops were neglected, and the determination of the manpower required for inspection is done based on needs assessments. By explaining his belief in handing over occupational health services to the private sector with supervision; He emphasized the need for training, especially in trade workshops and the distribution of private companies providing services in the provinces. Jandaghi considered the problems of occupational health to include weakness in the registration and reporting system, the existence of fundamental problems in the labor law, and the high cost of occupational health services, especially control measures. * Self-declaration and self-care should replace inspection in the guilds department Secretary of the National Conference on Occupational Health and Safety, stating that the most important task of occupational health and safety is inspection and training, said: the number of inspectors of the Ministry of Health is 3,000 and the number of inspectors of the Ministry of Cooperation is 1,200, and this number is twice as much as in the United States and three times More than England. Dr. Bahrami added: The principles of work in developed countries are not only based on inspection, but also based on training workers in different ways. There is no inspection in the trade unions, but self-expression and self-behavior are important, and inspection is done only when there is an accident and worker's complaint. He continued: The main foundation of reducing accidents is the training and empowerment of the beneficiaries, and accidents will not decrease with the doubling of inspectors. The secretary of the conference pointed out that occupational health examinations are carried out in all industrialized countries and reminded: 38,000 people are working in Japan and 49,000 people in Brazil, of which 5% were general practitioners and a small number were specialist doctors. . Recalling that occupational health was integrated into special care in 1976, he said: In 2007, the World Health Organization recommended that occupational health be established in other occupations in addition to industry. * Reinforce synergy The secretary of the scientific association of occupational health introduced the field of occupational health in the world and Iran, the first board of directors and the current board of directors, conferences, magazines and future programs and considered the main goal of the association to be scientific synergy in the field of occupational health. In the field of education and empowerment, Dr. Mangeh mentioned issues such as the continuation of the process and the development of educational workshops with the cooperation of all specialists in the country, assessment of educational needs and empowerment with a national and international perspective, assessment of existing scientific and technical abilities, and the conclusion of memorandums of understanding for the implementation of educational programs. He considered the establishment of specialized committees by taking advantage of interaction with other associations and listed committees such as artificial intelligence and occupational health, occupational epidemiology, international marketing of occupational health education and HIS startups. The Secretary of the Scientific Association of Occupational Health emphasizes the strengthening of synergy and noted that for more membership, more effective activity and participation of members and participation in the programs of other associations related to occupational health, safety and ergonomics and cooperation with specialized associations. Technically requested to set up specialized committees.

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