Dr.Ghodratolah Rostami

Vice chancellor for food and drug | Specialized Board of Pharmaceutics

The Vice Chancellor for Drug and Food was established in 2005. It consists of 80 staffs in four Units (Boards of Directory) as the following:

  1. Directory of drugs and narcotic substances management
  2. Directory of food, hygienic and cosmetic products management
  3. Directory of laboratory for food and hygienic materials control
  4. Directory of supervision and assessment of medical equipment

Major responsibilities of this deputy are:

• Supplying and providing needed drugs, including narcotics and drugs for special diseases,

• Supervising methods of drug distribution at all related units

• Issuing certification of establishment and technical liability of the products

• Supervising the activities of all private and governmental drugstores,

• Promoting the proper use of drugs with attention to the activity of controlled unit,

• Observing the safety and security of foods and cosmetic products, which have brands and health licenses from FDO (Food and Drug Organization),

• Controlling and supervising licenses procedures for food and cosmetic factories.

• Supervising and inspecting manufacturing factories, storage centers, and distribution centers for food and cosmetic products,

• Issuing certification for inauguration of imports and allowance of customs for preliminary materials and processed food and cosmetic products,

• Ensuring the safety of foods for humans and ensuring compliance with the standards.

• Ensuring that food labels are truthful and contain reliable information that consumers can use to choose healthy diet.

• Performing microbial and chemical evaluations on food, cosmetic and hygienic samples at level of marketability and demands to provide the best protection of consumers of these products.

• Supervising and inspecting accredit laboratories, drugstores and foodstuff producers and distributors.

• Training services and upgrading sessions for technical staff.

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