Mr. Dr. Alireza Soltanian

Member of the honorable academic board of the university

Greetings and Regards In view of your high level of commitment and responsibility, according to this notification, you are hereby appointed as the head of the International Vice-Chancellor of the University in order to interact constructively with other vice-chancellors and benefit from the power of managers and experts in this field; In addition to planning for the good execution of current affairs, pay special attention to planning for the following matters to achieve results:

▪️To implement the development and health training programs of the government in accordance with the that field.

▪️ Determining the priorities of that field according to the upstream documents, especially the scientific map and also the experiences of the previous programs of the university with the aim of developing a 4-year program

▪️ Serious efforts in all areas of internationalization, including health tourism, exchange of professors and students, and the field of technology.

▪️ Special attention to the promotion of the dignity of human resources along with increasing the productivity of employees by encouraging them to teach a second language at all levels.

▪️ Protection of physical and financial resources, creation of new financial resources and cost management.

It is hoped that by appealing to the Holy Spirit of ALLAH, the international field of the university will continue its movement with the expected speed and acceleration towards the set goals. I Pray to Allah for your increasing success

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