Degree classification

School of Public Health
Department Degree
Biostatistics M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Epidemiology M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Ergonomics M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Public Health M.Sc./ Ph.D. MPH /
Occupational Health Engineering B.Sc./M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Environmental Health Engineering M.Sc./ Ph.D
Health Management & Economic M.Sc.
Health, Safety and Environment (H.S.E) M.Sc

Malair School of Nursing
Department Degree
Nursing B.Sc.

School of Nursing and Midwifery
Department Degree
Medical-Surgical Nursing B.Sc./M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing, Nursing Management) B.Sc./M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Pediatric Nursing B.Sc./M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Community Health Nursing B.Sc./M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Medical Emergency B.Sc.
Midwifery & Reproductive health B.Sc./M.Sc./MPH
Mother & children Health B.Sc./M.Sc.

School of Medicine
Department Degree
Medical Parasitology and Mycology M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Medical immunology M.Sc.
Clinical Biochemistry M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Molecular Medicine & Human Genetics M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Nutrition Sciences B.Sc.
Entomology M.Sc.
Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
Anatomy and Histology M.Sc.
Medical Physics M.Sc.
Physiology Ph.D.
Microbiology M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Medical Virology M.Sc.
Traditional Persian Medicine Ph.D.
General medicine M.D
Orthopedic Clinical specialty
Urology Clinical specialty
Pediatric Clinical subspecialty
Anesthesia Clinical specialty
Pathology Clinical specialty
Social Medicine Clinical Subspecialty
Forensic medicine Clinical specialty
Dermatologist Clinical specialty
General Surgery Clinical specialty
Neurosurgery Clinical specialty
Ophthalmology Clinical specialty
Internal Medicine Clinical specialty
Radiation Oncology Clinical specialty
Radiology Clinical specialty
Psychiatry Clinical specialty
Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical specialty
Emergency Medicine Clinical specialty
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinical specialty
nuclear medicine Clinical specialty
Infectious Disease Clinical specialty
Cardiovascular Clinical specialty
ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat diseases) Clinical specialty
Neurology Clinical specialty

School of Paramedicine
Department Degree
Operating Room Technology (Surgery Technology) B.Sc./M.Sc.
Medical Laboratory Sciences B.Sc./M.Sc.
Radiology B.Sc./M.Sc.
Health Information Technology B.Sc.
Anesthesia and Surgical Technology B.Sc.
Medical Library and Information Sciences B.Sc./M.Sc.

Nahavand School of Paramedicine
Department Degree
Operating Room Technology (Surgery Technology) B.Sc.
Medical Emergency A.S.
Nursing B.Sc.

School of Pharmacy
Department Degree
Medicinal Chemistry M.Sc.
Toxicology and Pharmacology M.Sc.
Clinical Pharmacy M.D.
Pharmacognosy M.Sc.
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology M.Sc.

School of Dentistry
Department Degree
Oral Pathology Clinical Specialty
Oral Diseases Clinical specialty
Restorative Dentistry Clinical specialty
Oral and maxillofacial radiology Clinical specialty
Orthodontics Clinical specialty
Prosthetic Dentistry Clinical specialty
Oral and maxillofacial surgery Clinical specialty
Community Oral Health Clinical specialty
Endodontics Clinical specialty
Periodontics Clinical specialty
Pediatric Dentistry Clinical specialty
General Dentistry M.D

School of Rehabilitation
Department Degree
Physiotherapy B.Sc.
Orthotics and Prosthetics B.Sc.
Speech Therapy B.Sc./M.Sc.
Audiology B.Sc.
Occupational Therapy B.Sc.

School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine
Department Degree
Medical biotechnology M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Tissue Engineering Ph.D.
Neuroscience Ph.D.
Reproductive Biology Ph.D.
Molecular Medicine Ph.D.
System biology Ph.D.

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