The meeting of the Health Monitoring Headquarters was held in the presence of Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Majzoubi, the President of the University, Hasan Khanjani, the Prosecutor of Hamedan, and other members, in the meeting hall of the University Presidency.

According to the Webda news site in Hamedan, Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Majzoubi stated in the meeting of the Health Monitoring Center, which was held in the presence of Hamedan Prosecutor Hassan Khanjani, that the deterrence role of the university in health monitoring cases should be applied in accordance with the current conditions and a mechanism to receive opinions. The university should be determined for non-standard and impact on people's health. Referring to the preventive role of the university and the requirements needed to maintain people's health, the president of the university stated: internal coordination is done with the general environment department of Hamedan province to take advantage of the opinions of health experts. Pointing out that 90% of abortions are performed in an unusual medical environment, he called for more deterrence to reduce health problems, including abortion. Dr. Majzoubi expressed his hope that a special and separate branch will be considered to deal with violations in the health field and that better conditions will be considered to maintain and improve people's health with continuous monthly meetings. Stating that in developed countries, heavy fines are the main factor in compliance with laws, he said: It is necessary to enter from a stronger position in all matters and pay serious attention to violations and crimes in the field of health. In this meeting, the prosecutor of Hamedan also stated that there is a problem in the implementation stage for pursuing the rights related to the health field, and expressed the hope that we will reach a suitable conclusion in the meetings of the Hamedan province health monitoring headquarters by solving the problems and increasing the satisfaction of the people. Khanjani considered the health monitoring headquarters as one of the new initiatives of the vice president of public law and said: public law working groups are held in a more specialized manner in order to pursue health issues. He pointed out that the provincial prosecutor's office is pursuing issues related to public rights, and these cases must be resolved in some way. The Hamadan prosecutor called it important to introduce the role of the medical system organization to the public and demanded proper planning in this regard. Dr. Madrakian, the head of the Hamedan Medical System Organization, also spoke about the social credibility of the medical system, the actions of the disciplinary court of the medical system and making decisions in less than two weeks, the process of handling cases in the police teams and the need to establish a health headquarters in the implementation of supervisory duties in the field of health. . It should be noted that the youth laws of the population regarding the crimes of abortion, dealing with unauthorized institutions in the health monitoring camp, the impact of the type of report presented by the university in the prosecutor's office for the entry of legal authorities against public health threats were among the issues raised in this meeting. In this meeting, a report on the supervisory visits of the treatment field was also announced and the issue of under-the-table and health damage caused by it due to many reasons such as legal vacuum, lack of manpower and insurance related issues were investigated.

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