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Design and implementation of research assistance system in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences

According to Hamedan website, citing the public relations of the vice president of research and technology, Mr. Dr. Shakohi, the respected vice president of research and technology of the university, announced the design and implementation of the research assistant system at Hamedan University of Medical Sciences. He stated: This system was created with the aim of establishing a relationship between professors and academic staff members with the applicants for providing research services. The vice president of research and technology of the university continued: In this system, the required titles are registered and the qualified people declare their readiness for it, and the professors of the university can by referring to the page "view the list of applicants" the people who are required to provide research services in the category to view the various announced readiness. In the end, Shokohi said: It is expected that with the launch of this system, the number of research articles in Hamedan University of Medical Sciences will increase.

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