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 This school was established in 1982, it has 34 faculty members who are training students in three levels: PhD in Nursing, PhD by Research in Maternal and Child Health Care: 6 Master's Degree programs including. Medical-Surgical Nursing. Community Health Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Counseling in Midwifery, and 3 Bachelor's Degree programs including Nursing Midwifery and Medical Emergencies.

The first group of MS students in nursing and Counseling in Midwifery students were admitted in 2008 and 2013 respectively. Ph.D by Research in Maternal and Child Health Care and Ph.D of nursing were established in 2014 and 2015 respectively. The faculty currently covers 500 undergraduate student and 125 postgraduate students.

It has two outstanding researches centers:

1.    Mother and Child Care Research Center (Nursing and Midwifery): It is the first research center in the field of maternal and child health nursing, based on three aspects of research, development and practical strategies. The macro strategies of this center can be named as the realization of the knowledge oriented approach in the field of maternal and child heals care with emphasis on nursing and midwifery, providing and developing an applied database, preparation for using the results of research for evidence-based care. As well as transferring the scope of knowledge into practice.

2.   Research Center for Chronic Disease Care in the home: This center tries to provide the appropriate opportunity for improving chronic diseases care especially at home via carrying out scientific fundamental and applied research in order to provide aspects of community health promotion.

 It worth to mention that the scientific journal of Hamadan Nursing and Midwifery is a peer-reviewed which published quarterly in Persian-English the aim of it is to provide a scientific medium of communication for researchers and academic members in biomedical field with the emphasis on nursing and midwifery courses. This journal indexes in Google Scholar, ISC, SID, Iran Medex, Magiran, Srlst, and Index Copemicus.

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